Good design can support independence

Creating a built environment that accommodates people with dementia is one of the greatest challenges faced today by the building and design industries.  Dementia has become a major health priority, with the number of people living with dementia in Australia expected to triple by 2050. Yet understanding of the condition’s best management practises is still relatively new in clinical terms.

Users want a safe and quality product solution that is familiar and they can feel confident using. Carers want products that minimise physical strain and make work routines easier to manage.
Facility owners want systems that are flexible, functional and have life time value without compromising on design.  
But how is it possible to find the perfect solution that will meet the needs and wants of all those involved?

When developing products for dementia patients, we take into account the way dementia patients process information about the built environment in which they live. This includes utilising the common and basic principles for assisting a person with dementia, including colour and contrast plus memory and familiarity of how everyday equipment works.

Incorporating colour contrast and distinguishable elements when designing tapware for people with dementia is essential to allow for easy identification and its function. Our Wellbeing™ range has integrated strong colour indication with a product that is simple to use, intuitive and familiar to compensate for age related vision problems and to promote independence in self-care.

Colour contrast in a room is essential for people with Dementia. Simply utilising a coloured toilet seat will distinguish the toilet from a white tiled floor and make it easier for the user. We have a range of toilets and toilet seats to easily adapt an existing en-suite. Adding support arms such as our Ifo Folding Support Arms to the toilet will increase the level of safety when using the bathroom. More importantly support arms will help enhance user independence during the task, but will still maintain adaptability if a carer needs to assist.

Familiar in appearance, we have a range of showering options that are easy to use and adjust, allowing adaptation to various degrees of ability and mobility.  These include shower heads and adjustable holders; grab rails as well as adaptable shower seats which can fold away when not in use.

Enware as a company is committed to providing innovative solutions formed through knowledge and insight to ensure critical living hubs like bathrooms are designed to include fixtures and fittings that provide assistance to provide well-being for users and their carers. Our products can be fully adaptable, deliver the flexibility needed to maximise independence and deliver a greater degree of user comfort, dignity, respect and safety.

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