Compliant & Functional Handwash Station Kits

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After comprehensive, laboratory and field testing and feedback from user groups, Enware has produced three functional Type B Handwash Station Kits which meet all the requirements for health care applications.

The Enware Hand wash Station Kits provide a simple yet compliant solution to the requirements of the Australasian Health Facility Guidelines and meet hospital hand wash guidelines. They also aid in infection control whilst still being user friendly with easy maintenance. Ideal for hospitals, health care and research facilities.

All kits come complete with Enware Kolo Rekord basin and shroud and a choice of tapware. Choose from an eSQX touch free electronic mixer, a Leva wall mounted surgeon set or an Enmatic 5000 series sensor tap.

The Kolo Rekord basin was designed for healthcare, incorporating an anti-water harbouring design with no overflow for better infection control and a fully rimmed basin for superior water and splash retention. There is reduced risk of bacterial growth with all surfaces glazed allowing also for easier cleaning, maintenance and longevity.

Enware’s eSQX is Australia’s first and most technically advanced touch free point of use thermostatic mixer. This new technology provides a temperature controlled, infra-red operated warm water outlet, perfectly matched to the Kolo Rekord basin. Features such as flush cycles, dead-leg elimination, hands free usage and a laminar flow outlet, all aid in controlling Legionella, infection control and bacterial growth.

These kits are ideal for hospitals, health care and research facilities.

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