Indivo Height Adjustable Kitchen Lifts

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Enware’s a range of vertical lifts for kitchen worktops and cupboards have been designed to create comfortable work spaces for the elderly, people with disabilities or those who simply want a more convenient kitchen, the design is based on the philosophy that a person’s reduced functional abilities need not limit their lifestyle.

The modular system can be incorporated into a range of standard and custom-fabricated cupboards and worktops, allowing the users to have their choice of finishes, whilst still complying with OHS regulations without having an institutional appearance. Ideal for private homes, retirement homes or shared kitchens at aged care facilities or other institutions.

The vertical lifts enable the height of all wall cupboards and worktops in the kitchen to be adjusted (either electrically or manually) allowing both seated and standing users to work comfortably. Most kitchen tasks – washing, cooking or preparation will then have an easier reach as they can be done at an ergonomic and comfortable working height. Both functional and durable the range also has a focus on safety – the lifts are contained within telescopic legs and behind cupboard fittings, with in-built safety features such as shielding (unobtrusive plates and pressure – sensitive safety bars) designed to prevent injury in operation.

The Indivo range distributed by Enware is  manufactured by Pressalit Care who is recognised throughout the world for serving the needs of aged, disabled and ambulant people with some impairment, by enhancing their safety, comfort and independence.

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