Introducing the Hydrus Metering Solution for End Users

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What is the Hydrus Metering System and how does it work? Partnering with Sydney Water and Diehl, the Hydrus Metering system is a digital metering product that helps building managers, plumbers and end users.

But how does it work in helping others? The Hydrus Water Metering System operates by connecting to the cloud, storing and tracking information which allows the user to track water usage, billing and other things such as:

  • Water leakages
  • Water failure
  • Pressure issues
  • Building Management System integration

The Hydrus Metering solution also includes AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) and AMR (Advanced Metering Radio) technology which allows for remote data collection solutions based on the building height. The AMR solution is designed to track information for buildings less than four floors, whereas the AMI solution is built for buildings that are four floors or greater.

The AMI and AMR solutions operate as radios which pick up information on water usage, this allows the end user to conduct their reporting remotely, rather than have someone visit the commercial and residential property to take readings. This is potentially a vital cost saving measure for the building manager in particular.

The Hydrus Metering System can also be used for measuring water outside of Greater Sydney CBD, with the product constructed by German manufacturer Diehl Metering, end users can be assured that the quality of work is of high quality.

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