LEEC range of mortuary equipment now available from Enware in Australia and NZ

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Funeral directors can now take advantage of the many benefits provided by the proven and respected LEEC range of mortuary equipment, available in Australia and New Zealand from Enware Australia.

The bespoke collection includes innovative solutions that improve the performance, safety, efficiency and operational costs of body movement and handling in funeral homes.

“With nearly 60 years of experience, LEEC provides a unique range of products, designed specifically for mortuaries and funeral directors,” said Tim Fisher, General Manager – Marketing and Innovation, Enware Australia.

The product range is comprehensive and will be sported by Enware’s professional design and install team.

Experienced designers will advise on the best possible solution for funeral directors’ facilities, ensuring that all available space is effectively used. Professional installers will then ensure all equipment is operational in the shortest possible time.

The professional team will manage the whole project ensuring a hassle-free installation. Qualified staff will provide the highest standard of after sales support and equipment maintenance ensuring optimum performance at all times.

The funeral home range includes:

Trolleys LEEC trolleys are made to order to meet the exact needs of each customer. The LEEC range encompasses:

  • Hydraulic embalming trolley, designed to provide a versatile and stable platform for embalming or autopsy.
  • Hydraulic stacking trolley, providing a lift range of 390-1780 mm, rated to 180 kg lift.
  • Low loading trolley, with a lift range of 280-1830 mm, specifically designed for reaching into low cabinets.
  • Viewing trolley, fitted with an upper roller frame to allow tray transfers.
  • Roller top trolley employing PVC coated rollers, lever-operated tilt mechanism and stainless steel construction throughout.
  • Fixed top trolley, designed to provide a low cost alternative. Collapsible coffin bier, designed for use where compactness is important.

Stretchers LEEC stretchers come in a variety of formats to cater for every need.

Trays LEEC 100 per cent stainless steel trays, featuring a special 40 mm raised perimeter profile, are designed to offer a full embalming platform.

Embalming stations These have been developed from the unique LEEC body handling system, to satisfy the demand from funeral directors for reliable, durable and easy to clean embalming equipment. Capable of withstanding the most rigorous working conditions, the units are built to enable simple installation and to meet exacting hygiene standards.

Racking Available in a range of variations, LEEC racking includes height-adjustable free standing systems, fixed height racking, and fixed height mobile racking – fitted with heavy duty castors for easy movement.

Refrigeration LEEC refrigerated cabinets are each built to order, with a choice of finishes, trays and roller combinations. Every cabinet comes with height adjusted racking, 180 degree door opening, and door hanging to meet site conditions, thus giving remarkable flexibility of use in each bespoke location.

Cold rooms These are manufactured using high quality insulated wall and ceiling panels, cam-locked together to form a space in which to install a refrigeration system. The rooms are purpose built to fit the space available. Various door options include standard opening and sliding doors, as well as double doors for extra wide access.

Cooling systems LEEC energy-efficient cooling systems come in many formats that include split cooling units, wall mounted units and rooftop mounted units.

Ancillary equipment A wide range of LEEC stainless steel ancillary equipment includes fluid storage cabinets, cupboards, wash hand basins, shelving, worktop tables and writing desks.

“The majority of LEEC’s products include the pioneering body-handling concept, originated by LEEC, that offers a practical way of eliminating arduous physical effort, repeated body handling, hazardous practices, and the significant risk of infection.”Mr Fisher added.

Complementing the LEEC range of funeral director equipment is Enware Australia’s tapware, safety and stainless steel products. These provide robust, reliable and fit-for-purpose solutions that deliver performance, as well as whole-of-life cost benefits.

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