Monash University partners with Enware Australia to reduce hospital acquired infections with ‘gamification’

Monash University researchers, in partnership with Enware Australia have created a system that improves hand hygiene culture within hospitals, aiming to reduce hospital acquired infections (HAIs).

The research began after discovering that most hospital clinicians and staff were lacking in their daily hand hygiene routine, due to being time poor and under difficult circumstances. This lack of hygiene causes bacteria to be transferred from one patient to another or a clinical staff member to a patient, which can cause very aggressive infection that are sometimes resistant to antibiotics.

Monash Design, IT and Engineering researchers join forces on the multi-disciplinary project with Enware Australia Pty Limited on the tapware infrastructure, Oracle for cloud data gathering services and Monash Health for clinical insights.

The project monitors the hand hygiene habits of the individual worker through a system of Internet of Things (IoT) enabled hand hygiene touchpoints. It then collects the data to form a cloud-based map of clinical hand hygiene in a hospital ward.

The interactive system was designed with Enware Australia, who provided funding for the research and design program. The program includes advanced wash stations interactive screens, alcohol based hand rub dispensers and turnstiles.

This system will not only improve compliances and reduce human and financial expenditure of hospital acquired infections, but also plays an important role in changing hand hygiene culture to improve outcomes for the patient.

The research project team is currently testing the efficiency of the system. Monash University hope to roll out the project in hospitals over the next two years.

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