Welcome to our new look website

Welcome to our updated website, we hope you like it!

Whats new...

Mobile and tablet friendly

It is now easier to use our site on smart phones and tablets with intelligent resizing and menu systems. Not that amazing really but a big improvement on our previous site. We trust you will find it much easier to use with your phone.



Easy Menu System

There are 3 main menus now for navigating through our range.


Industry Solutions allows browsing by the type of building or project you are involved in.

With some chunky top level categories you can filter down by building types and room types. With such a diverse range of solutions this menu helps narrow in to products relevant to a hospital or school and down into room types like an ensuite or laboratory. This is a new area and we look forward to your feedback on making it even more functional in the future.



Products this is the most familiar menu system from our previous site and our product guides.

Products are categorised in to 6 main areas, each with a pop out sub menu, to help you move a little faster if you know what you are looking for.

Once on to the product pages there is a series of filter menus down the left hand side to help make it easier find what you need.




Quick Product Filter is designed for those more familiar with our products and applications. It allows the selection of both Industry Solutions and Product menus to narrow in on a range of solutions available. For newer visitors to us the previous two menus may be more helpful for now. And if you can't find what you are looking for we are here to help.

With over 4000 products plus our custom manufacturing facility the possibilities are nearly endless.

If you find yourself a little lost please give us call or a quick email and we will happily help out.

Call 1300 ENWARE or email info@enware.com.au


favourites function

As you navigate through the site use the little blue heart check box to add products you are interested in to your favourites basket. Access to your favourites list is in the top right of screen. Use this to easily jump back into in detailed information or send through for more information or a quote.

bim - revit, archicad and more

The site now includes around 600 families of Revit files plus associated BIM and CAD formats for various software.

On product pages you will find a resources drop down menu with buttons for any formats that are available for that product.

To download these files we ask that you join our members list, and you will be prompted to join or login when downloading. To join now please click here

We are planning to enhance the members section, including packaged BIM downloads. Please join now and we will keep you updated.


We hope you enjoy our new web experience. We are calling this site V1.1 and there are many more improvements to come.

We see it as a great foundation for some even better functionality and we would love your feedback and ideas.

In the meantime, thank you for continuing to support Australian owned and local manufacturing company.

Please provide any feedback or comments here

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