The Portable Hand Hygiene Station

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The Portable Hand Hygiene Station is the latest Enware product to be released, providing a mobile handwashing station that can be moved around a public space to encourage hygiene practices. So, how does it operate?

Each Hand Hygiene station is designed to provide accessible hand hygiene with minimal infrastructure. With a foot pedal operated spout, soap dispenser and paper towel holder the Portable Hand Hygiene Station is a fully self contained hand wash station designed for continual high volume use.


The full list of features for the Portable Hand Hygiene Station is the following:

Lid folds down for transport

Sensor soap dispenser

Includes potable water and waste hose

Paper towel holder

Connects to a standard hose cock

Graphic hand wash instructions

Hose storage inside unit

Easy to clean surfaces

Hygienic robust construction with stainless brackets and braided hoses

Waste pump or waste drain set up option (Note: if 240v power is unavailable must be waste drain set up)

Foot operation


You might be wondering, where does the water go? The inlet hose brings in fresh potable water from a standard garden hose cock and the waste hose allows for the removal of waste water to a suitable location by gravity feed or the built in submersible pump. This ensures that you are washing your hands with clean fresh water without the need to fill or empty any water storage or waste containers.

At Enware, we have a range of hands free products to encourage hand washing practices such as, mains and battery sensor tap which are a great, low cost,  retrofit solution for accessible hand hygiene . If you are interested in learning more about the product, contact the team on 1300 369 273.

You can learn more about the Portable Hand Hygiene Station here.

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