Tobin Transport Bottle - Enware’s Latest Portable Safety Solution

A serious workplace injury or death changes lives forever and every second counts when it comes to minimising the impact of a workplace injury. Introducing a new addition to our portable safety solutions, the Tobin Transport Bottle.

Ideal for all work places and a perfect solution for transport vehicles carrying dangerous goods (which according to the Australian Dangerous Goods Code* should have an eyewash kit of at least 250ml filled and ready for use). The new Tobin 500 offers all the quality features Tobin products are known for with each Tobin Transport Bottle containing 500 ml of sterile saline solution that dispenses from 6 streams for a soft yet highly effective flow.

Every second counts and flushing the eye within a few seconds of an incident is critical and with an eyewash can be within arms reach.  Our Tobin Transport Bottle has been designed to be easy to use. Simply twist and remove the top, turn the bottle upside down and twist the bottom section until the fluid starts to flow. Then hold the bottle in an upright position above the eye and allow the fluid to rinse the eye area.

It is important to note that as of AS4775-2007, self-contained (portable) equipment can be used in conjunction with emergency eyewash and showers and should not replace emergency eye wash and showers.

Workforce Safety is at the heart of everything we do… because lives matter!

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