Type A Handwashing Basin designed for healthcare

As Enware enters our 80th year as a business, we're proud to say each year has brought us success and growth. We've done this through constant collaboration with industry experts to give us a better understanding of the diverse needs of specialised industries.

One of the latest additions to Enware’s Sanitary Ware Range is the Kolo Nova Pro Wall Mounted 650mm wash basin, suitable for all Type A Clinical Handwashing applications.

Type A basins, as described by the Australasian Health Facility Guidelines¹ are usually situated in areas requiring clinical handwashing for aseptic and sterile procedures and in areas where handwashing up to the elbow may be necessary.

Designed with healthcare specifications in mind the Kolo Nova Pro 650mm basin allows enough width and depth for elbows to be able to reach wall mounted lever action tapware and soap dispensers, as well as providing enough space for proper clinical handwashing to be performed without the risk of contamination to hands or arms or causing problematic splashing to the user or the immediate surroundings.

Priced to compete with comparable products in the marketplace the Kolo Nova Pro basin is an ideal option for health care environments. For optimum infection control it features a fully rimmed, anti-splash design with no overflow and free draining base to prevent water pooling. All surfaces are glazed, ensuring easy cleaning, maintenance and longevity.

As we have demonstrated over many years Enware is committed to being innovative and developing high quality products that stand the test of time. See here for more information on other Enware basins and complimentary tapware.

¹ www.healthfacilityguidelines.com.au

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