Enware Australia’s range of tapware, bubbler and valve solutions are manufactured using only fully compliant materials, suitable for use in drinking water applications. We are an accredited ISO9001 company.

Enware Australia uses a combination of components during manufacture, some of which contain either no lead or low lead. Enware’s products are certified for use in all states and territories of Australia and are fully compliant with the current ABCB’S (Australian Building Codes Board) WaterMark Certification Scheme.

Recently, the BMF (Building Ministers Forum) received an update from the ABCB on their project to examine the allowable level of lead in plumbing products. Ministers noted that consumers could assure themselves about plumbing products by engaging licensed plumbers and purchasing plumbing products that carry the ABCB’s WaterMark certification which guarantees compliance.

Enware continues to invest in material research with the goal to improve the safety and quality of water that Enware products deliver to all users.

We will continue to work with industry bodies and regulatory authorities to determine any new material standards, definitions and labelling so that consumers can make an informed decision about their choice of tapware, bubbler and valve solutions.

Should you need any assistance in regards to lead free fixtures and fittings, please contact Mr Nathan Spinner, National Quality and Regulatory Affairs Manager at Enware on 02 8536 4035 or

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