Using whole of life costing to specify quality plumbing products in Australia

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Quality, safety and performance should be the priority for the building industry. It is crucial that selected product or material will maintain safe optimum performance levels for the entire lifecycle of a development.

For any project, it is vital that building professionals consider whole of life cost and not just initial output costs. The responsibility of designing and specifying quality, safe, fit-for-purpose, and cost effective projects lies with architects, builders, specifiers, and other building professionals. Carefully considering the cost implications of products at all stages of the project life cycle can ultimately save clients unexpected costs further down the track.

We understand the needs of the cost-conscious client and offers a range of efficient, high performance products with unrivalled operational efficiency, safety and whole of life cost benefits to plan for a better future.

To find out more about “whole of life” cost benefits that can be a achieved by specifying and installing Enware products, please contact us or download our latest whitepaper to learn more.


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