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The Wellbeing™ range is a contemporary yet familiar lever tapware range designed specifically for ageing users.

“Inspired by research and open discussions
with industry experts. The Wellbeing™ Range has been
designed and developed to meet the needs of the aged care
user right now and into the future.”

Designed to enhance the well-being of aged users through empowering greater access to the daily use and consumption of water. At the heart of our design was to address the needs of the aging user in keeping the product simple, intuitive and familiar, yet still addressing the wider requirements of comfort, ease of use and strong colour indication. The result is a design which combines ergonomic principles, tactile materials, contrasting colours and bold geometric shapes to optimise user comfort, strength and capabilities.

As a result of our design thinking journey our Wellbeing™ range was awarded a prestigious Good Design® Selection by Good Design Australia with the judges applauding the design and development of the products in addressing the needs of our growing population.


  • Perfect for the aging user combining contemporary form and aesthetics with ergonomic principles to assist users with limited physical movement, strength and dexterity
  • Intuitive and familiar operation and control that is recognisable to those with degenerating cognitive memory
  • Warm to touch, soft, tactile handles enhance user comfort for those with sensitive skin
  • Strong colour contrast of handle controls assist recognition for aging eyes

Design features become enhanced as cognitive and physical abilities degenerate.


Traditional hot and cold handle controls provide long term recognition the user can relate to, especially those with Dementia. They offer finer temperature and flow adjustment to enhance user comfort, especially for those with sensitive skin. Handle controls are also easier to operate for people with limited dexterity or arthritis due to single rotational movements without the need to lift.

  • Basin and bath Single lever controlled products are available which are intuitively progressive from cold to hot, ensuring that the user is not unnecessarily drawing hot water and wasting energy
  • The handle design combines ergonomic principles with bold geometric shapes to optimise the user’s strength capabilities. Its rounded end and sectional form promote easy use for arthritic hands and transfers movement to the more powerful forearm and upper arm rather than the more delicate palm and finger muscles
  • A tactile material on the handle feels warm to touch and offers  more comfort to those with more sensitive skin
  • Aging eyes require greater contrast of colour so the handle has been designed with easy to distinguish colour indicators that can be seen from all angles

For more than fifteen years Enware has been a major contributor to the development of solutions for aged care living. As a result of our design thinking journey we have established ourselves as a leading supplier of lever tapware, anti-scald valves, specialist bathroom and sanitary ware to assist independent living, assisted living and dementia care. Tapware has been at the core of what we do for nearly 80 years, we have drawn on this experience to develop our Wellbeing Range.

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