Made in Australia Supported by more than seven decades of Enware’s experience and expertise. Meets Australian legislation. Leading the world’s quality standards.

  • High Performance, Aussie Made

    High Performance, Aussie Made

  • Mini TMV

    Mini TMV

  • TMV Cabinets

    TMV Cabinets


Complies to Australian Standard AS4032.1, NSW Health Approved, Suitable for AS1428 installations.


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Thermal Flush
The Aquablend® 1500 and Mini TMV are equipped with a simple, fast and effective thermal flush function that allows system disinfection, without requiring recommissioning.

Safety & Stability
The highly reactive lightweight shuttle and slim thermostat design maintains accurate control of temperature even when inlet pressures spike or are as low as 20kpa(dynamic). Rapid response to changing inlet temperatures ensures user comfort, while hot or cold inlet failure prompts thermal shutdown providing user protection from scalding.

Ambient (Cold) Start
Aquablend® TMV’s are particularly efficient at controlling temperature from ambient (cold) start, where temperature spikes can hamper usability and comfort.

Consistent Pressure
Aquablend® TMV’s are designed to perform with pressure imbalances between hot and cold water of up to *10:1/1:10, ideal where pressure boosting or instantaneous water heaters are in use.

Flow Rates
Flow rate capability is available across the Aquablend® range from a minimum of 2lpm to a maximum of over 75lpm, providing an ideal solution for a single basin, a bathroom or a shower block.

Selected Aquablend® products are available in a extensive range of in-wall stainless steel cabinets with pipework combinations to suit different installation types.
All TMV and cabinet combinations are assembled and pressure tested with air to prevent microbial growth, which can lead to system contamination.

Selected Aquablend® products are enabled to link to Enware Smartflow; a unique integrated real-time monitoring system with alarms and system reporting tools to assist compliance and risk management, all integrated via the BMS.

Servicing Parts
A wide array of service parts are stocked and technical support and advice is available from our experienced technicians.

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