Australian made, high quality anti-scald thermostatic mixing valve solutions.

Aquablend high-performance thermostatic mixing valves are the only TMV’s designed and manufactured in Australia and are supported by more than 75 years of Enware’s experience and expertise.


Meeting Australian legislation: Leading the worlds quality standards


Enware has long believed that absolute quality is crucial to reliable performance and safety. That’s why our Aquablend Thermostatic Mixing Valves are Standards marked to AS/NZS4032.1. They also deliver the world’s highest standards of quality and durability to allow for AS/NZS3500 compliance.


The healthcare preferred models - Aquablend 1500 range and Aquablend 2000, have NSW Health Approval for use in public and private healthcare facilities.

In hospitals, hotels, aged care facilities, homes and commercial applications, where stable-temperature warm water is required, Aquablend safely delivers to plus or minus 2˚ Celsius – even under changing temperature and pressure conditions. So safety from scalding or shock is ensured by Aquablend’s thermal shut-off capability in the event of either cold or hot water supply failure.


For showers, baths, basins and sinks – especially where there are young children, elderly or disabled people – Aquablend protects against scald injuries and provides superior temperature stability for warm water delivery.


For optimum performance and reliability Aquablend TMVs are required to be maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations as stated in the Manual for Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance provided with each valve.

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