Hygienic and easy to use lever action tapware and showers - choose Leva 80 or Leva 150 series

Perfectly suited to hospitals, aged care facilities and food applications, Enware’s Leva range combines outstanding quality with functional design to deliver sophisticated bench and wall mounted lever tapware.

The proven range includes two lever lengths — 150mm or 80mm and is well suited for applications where hand hygiene or ease of use is important.

The easier reach, operation and control also suits accessible applications. Should you require tailor-made tapware, Enware has the capability and expertise to meet your specific requirements.


  • Robustly constructed from dezincification resistant brass with durable chrome plating
  • Ergonomic and smart, leading-edge design
  • Engineered for easy operation and control
  • Clear identification on all lever handles for blue, yellow and red water control
  • Unique handle fixing delivers superior strength and longevity
  • Anti-rotating SBA minimises handle rotation
  • Anti-rocking bushes and lock nut provide greater handle stability
  • Durable bright chrome finish, plus satin chrome and powder coated options
  • Sets supplied complete with handles, identification rings and outlets

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