Keep Living - Enhancing independence and safety in the bathroom and work place

Our knowledge and insight allows us to provide innovative solutions that continue to meet the constantly changing needs of residents, patients and their carers.


We understand the needs of Aged Care, Young Care and Independent Living Facilities. Our solutions ensure independence, dignity, safety and comfort.



Enware with Pressalit Care fit the solution to the user and their environment - we focus on ...


Users who want a safe and durable product solution they feel confident using. Our products offer them the ability to be as independent as possible and the flexibility to adapt as their needs change. Our high quality design and innovation means style doesn’t have to be traded for safety and comfort.

Carers that want products that minimise physical strain and make their work routine easier to manage. Our products are easily adjusted and can be moved quickly according to the carers needs.

Facility owners that want systems that offer flexibility, functionality and good economics without compromising on design. They want to know that the living and working environment can be tailored to the user and carer needs within local regulations and standards, and have product solutions that do eliminate the need for renovations should the needs of either group change.

Our range covers fixed and adaptable bathroom and living systems.


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