Highly efficient spray gun for commercial kitchen pre-rinse applications

Ultra-Rinse™ Pre-Rinse Spray Assemblies 


Enware is a market leader in the provision of high quality, durable and innovative products for commercial plumbing applications.


A key design consideration for Enware products is Whole of Life Cost. We understand the importance of developing solutions which stand the tests of time, are resource efficient and deliver an economic benefit. Our products are innovative, built to last and designed to maximise water use efficiency and comply with relevant standards.


Our Ultra-Rinse™ Pre-Rinse Spray Assemblies offer long term benefits for users and business owners, designed to meet the high pressure demands of restaurants and fast food outlets. Its reliability and durability has been proven with well over 7,000 units installed in busy Australian restaurants and fast food outlets during the past two years.


Ultra-Rinse™ Pre-Rinse Spray

The FS729 Ultra-Rinse™ Pre-Rinse Spray is the result of Enware’s world leading research and development. Built to withstand the tough demands of busy commercial kitchens and its ergonomic design, incorporates advanced technology.


The superior high-velocity spray pattern cleans more efficiently and requires less water per minute, cleaning faster and with less effort. The 6-Star WELS rating reflects a flow rate of just four litres per minute, resulting in significant water consumption and water heating savings.


Ultra-Rinse™ Pre-Rinse Spray Features Include:

- Proven durability and tested in Australia’s leading restaurant and fast food outlets 
- Moulded rubber nozzle guard helps reduce damage from accidental knocks
- Easy to use, ergonomic handle design
- Superior high-velocity and chisel style spray pattern rapidly removes food excess
- Stay open ring keeps spray on for easier prolonged use
- Plastic covered handle for cool touch and ribbed grip trigger
- Self-closing trigger spray turns water off when not in use
- Dual check valve for backflow prevention
- 6 star WELS rating standard supplied
- Watermark approved
- 1 year – commercial warranty including parts and labour

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