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ZeoMed Spill Absorbent Powder

Product Information

ZeoMed clean-up powder incorporates a pure form of zeolite, a naturally occurring mineral. Its properties make it ideal for a spill kit.

ZeoMed clean up powder forms the basis of most of the Zeomed body fluid and biohazard spill kits. Powder can be purchased separately to supplement kits or form part of your current infection control system where suitable personal protective equipment all ready exists.

  • ODOUR: Quick acting, natural absorbent of toxic and noxious odours
  • EPA: It is a 100% natural mineral, ecologically safe and non-toxic - MSDS available
  • ABSORBTION: It absorbs excess moisture, helping coagulate the spill, which is usually a combination of viscous & solid materials
  • SHELF LIFE: ZeoMed clean-up powder is inert an has no expiry date
  • INGESTION: Our Zeolite is pure and milled, to ensure there is no complications with dust inhalation
Product Code Description
ZEO-Z00501 ZeoMed Spill Absorbent Powder – 1kg Tub Add to spec
ZEO-Z00505 ZeoMed Spill Absorbent Powder – 5kg Tub Add to spec
ZEO-Z006 ZeoMed Spill Absorbent Powder – 200g Sachet Add to spec


Product Information