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Pressalit Care Folding Shower Seat Fixed Height

Product Information

For some users, being able to sit while showering is a matter of safety. These shower seats are designed for installation in the shower area and can be easily folded up or down according to need and can easily be removed for cleaning. The folding shower seat is designed so water runs off it.
The wall bracket and leg are made of Rilsan – coated stainless steel for extra strength. Rilsan also effectively protects against rust, is pleasant to hold and is easy to clean.

  • Smooth hygienic construction that is easy to clean
  • Weight loading capacity of 125kg
  • Supplied with fixing bolts and decorative cover caps
  • Ideal for users with a high level of mobility
  • Folds upright into hold position with no finger traps
  • Durable scratch resistant finish
Product Code Description
EP-R1651000 Pressalit Care Folding Shower Seat Fixed Height – White Add to spec