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Tobin Transport Bottle

Product Information

Tobin’s Eyewash System has a soft flow design with 6 streams of saline solution providing an effective, sterile way to flush irritants from the eyes. Chemicals in the eye can cause serious damage within 1 – 5 seconds. The Tobin 500 eye wash bottle can be located within arms reach to reduce response time when an injury has occured.

  • 500 ml sterile saline solution
  • Enables immediate flushing of eyes
  • Can be located within arms reach for a quicker response time
  • Great option for transport vehicles with dangerous goods cargo
  • Ideal for location where primary emergency shower and eye wash equipment is not required
  • 3 year shelf life. Dims 27 H x 8 W x 8 D cm
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TOB500 Tobin Transport Bottle – 500ml Add to spec