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Aged Care

Aged Care

Enware’s solutions aims to make day-to-day life easier and safer for residents and carers, whilst improving aged care independence. Solutions for varying needs, high dependency support, dedicated dementia units, and low-level independent living.

A Supported Living Environment

The Profilo Smart solution easily enables the bathroom environment to be adapted to each user’s mobility needs.

The flexibility and customizable features of Profilo Smart mean that:

1. Adding, changing or removing bathroom accessories is easy.

2. Bathroom accessories can be placed on the track at anytime without tools.

3. Different material options are available as well as the option to sublimate custom designs or images to suit the facility’s interior design.

Innovation Supporting Dementia and Ageing Australians

Considering the varied capabilities of residents and the reliance on staff support, all efforts to reduce injuries are embraced.

1. Wellbeing Tapware with uniquely designed activation and features designed with aged care and dementia user groups to give sense of familiarity to colour, touch and temperature.

2. The IFO Toilet Suite with integral support arms and a nurse call button.

3. AS1428.1-2009 Compliant Clean Seal grab rails – increasing the level of independence and reduction of falls.

Flexibility Without The Cost

Sequential Leva mixers operate from a single lever to prevent the need to mix water from two points. Giving staff both hands for patients and washing needs.

The Smart Flow® Water Management System works to monitor water temperature and flow in a facility, to limit scalding and prevent legionella growth.

Independent Living Units are designed to actively support residents who are able bodied, within a more homely, less institutional style design. Residents are able to care for themselves with more subtle support elements incorporated into their personal spaces. Enhanced colour contrast for visual impairment, extended mixer levers for those that experience dexterity challenges and support rails, for those less steady on their feet – all elements designed to blend in as opposed to stand out.

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Patient and staff safety and wellbeing, along with facility compliance and operational excellence, are the drivers behind our residential Aged Care offering. The high needs of residents in these facilities means that all scenarios need to be considered and allowed for. The Enware offering for an Aged Care ensuite is designed with a deep understanding of how the individual uses this personal space. Special design features to reduce risks of falls and scalding, and comfort of body weight supports are all front of mind. Easy use VP Leva tapware, IFO Care Suites with integral Arm Rests and the Health TMV are some examples of the market leading offering, that sets Enware apart.

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For more than twenty years Enware has been a major contributor to the development of solutions for aged care and dementia living. Through our research and development we work with leading experts to identify key care, risk and efficiency factors which can be solved to improve:
– Quality of care and overall efficiency
– Wellbeing, health and hygiene
– Enhanced independent living
– Promote familiarity, stimulation and independence
– Improved quality of life
– Standard, regulations and compliance

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Access, support and independence for all patients, at a time when they are vulnerable is extremely important for Enware and health facility operators. Supporting ease-of-use, reducing fall risks and improving patient and carers comfort are equally as important as meeting compliance requirements.

Enware have an extensive range of solutions for supportive applications, including grab rails that are designed for use in showers, toilets and patient ensuites alike.  These systems can be fully integrated, fixed or available as a uniquely adjustable system allowing the features to be added, removed or adjusted to suit the patient’s specific needs. This level of support helps to create a positive experience for the patient, supporting their wellbeing and recovery.

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As defined within the Enhealth Guidelines as Type A or Type B handwash stations. Good hand hygiene is the most effective way control many socially transmitted diseases while adherence to the five moments of Hand Hygiene (Link), this being the international standard for hand hygiene and patient care.  Enware’s specific options in clinical hand hygiene tapware include both mechanical and sensor electronic options, with the ESQX being the most advanced surgical tap available incorporating a Point of Use TMV as well as swipe on/off or time flow operation.

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