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Smart Flow® Water Management solutions provide facility designers and managers with a site wide performance solution capable of monitoring, controlling and measuring the whole of water delivery system.
Each system is engineered to meet the requirements of your facility, providing high performance management and compliance outcomes.

Health & Aged Care – The Patented* Smart Flow® TMV monitoring system is an innovative risk management solution for the real time monitoring, recording and management of thermostatic mixing valves and the water delivery system, within any healthcare, or aged care facility.

Correctional Facilities – The Smart Flow® Water Management System is an integrated water
control and data reporting solution incorporating an intuitive software interface. It features high level data security and advanced system control features for correctional and secure facility applications.

Public & Commercial Applications – The Smart Flow® Water Management System is integral to the design and management of efficient and modern water delivery systems for stadiums, sporting facilities, schools, offices, and commercial buildings. Providing an integrated water control and data reporting solution via an intuitive software interface with advanced system features to allow Facility
Managers to effectively manage the water delivery system. 

Multilevel High Density Residential – The Smart Flow® Sub Metering software offers the facility management the ability to collect and store sub metering Data from an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system. Using the latest in metering technology SSM delivers effective and accurate measurement, reporting and billing for water, gas and electricity.

All Smart Flow® systems can be delivered via two models – either as a Service or as a System.

Smart Flow® as a Service – offers a bespoke system design and engineering where part or all of the system is supplied under a Fee for Service model providing additional benefits by way of reduced up front capital cost as well as additional data reporting services provided direct to key management stakeholders.

Smart Flow® as a System is a more traditional capital purchase model where your facility maintains ownership of the system and the responsibility for data interpretation, reporting and management.

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