Smart Metering Solutions - wireless, fixed or mobile meter reading

Enware's automatic meter reading systems is the solution for automatic collection and transfer of  data for water, gas and electricity for residential, commercial and industrial application.

The data collected will be accurate and on time - saving time and ensuring customer satisfaction. Collected data can simply and easily be transferred to a central database for billing or analysis.


• Flexible Technical Systems
• Lower investment cost
• Exact Billing Date
• Drive-By Time Savings
• Possible upgrade to static reading

Mobile meter reading enables consumption data to be collected over radio by simply walking or driving by. The data collected can then be downloaded and analysed in the office - saving time and money.

Walk-By meter reading provides a low cost and accurate method of collecting data. Drive-By meter reading can be achieved at speeds of 50kph saving even more time. Both systems enable reading of meters in difficult to access locations.

Efficient and accurate meter reading and data collection is ensured with the incorporation of modern mobile technology.

This mobile system can be expanded into a fixed network solution at any time.


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• Central reception of data
• Save time with elimination of reading tours
• Continuous data flow
• Individual reading intervals
• Robust, fault-free transmission using wireless technology

Fixed meter reading transmits measurement data over a wireless network directly to provider or producer headquarters, enabling all data received to be processed centrally - using point to point communication.

Bundled transmission ensures efficiency in data forwarding and eliminates the need for individual meter reading.

Continuous information flow enables greater management capability through the retrieval of current consumption data whenever required.

Individual reading intervals can be changed at any time to provide optimum flexibility for modern data communication.

The wireless fixed network system eliminates the need for cabling and provides an economic solution with greater flexibility for the future.

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System Design Elements

Enware can provide a range of software and data management solutions to meet your needs.


Software allows for data collected to be visualised and evaluated remotely for all
media such as water, gas and electricity


Designed to provide the highest level of data integrity and system performance



Information collected can be managed by Enware and provide users access to a web portal for billing and consumption reporting



Software can be tailored to match specific customer requirements. Clear graphics and easy operation minimises familiarisation time



Developed to interface with and adapt to most customer billing systems



Full building management system integration via BACnet/IP



Simultaneous access for multiple users

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