Public Amenities

Public Amenities

While you are at play we can provide beach showers so you can have a quick rinse after a swim at the beach and drink fresh, clean water from a bubbler after a run, walk or play. When you are out enjoying your favourite pastime or about to embark on a travel adventure and need to use the loo or just wash those grubby hands, Enware delivers public amenity products that are a pleasure to use at parks, sports stadiums and airports. We understand the importance of efficiency and product longevity in public spaces and design our products are fit-for-purpose, water efficient and perform well for a long time.

Key benefits

Reliable tapware

We are proud that generations of us have experienced an Enware bubbler in a public park, a beach shower or time flow tap.

Bubblers, Taps and Showers

Robust with vandal resistant properties inbuilt with options to suit different levels of security requirements.

Safety and Compliance

Our products are tested and approved to Australian Standards. Including AS4032.1 for our Australian Made Aquablend range of TMVs for the safe delivery of warm water.

Accessible design

Solutions for wheelchair users ranging from AS1428 compliant toilets to barrier free drinking fountains.

Water Efficiency

Our flow control technology provides various levels of water and energy savings. Quality products built to last with serviceable design for a lower whole of life cost.

Service and Support

We pride ourselves on our knowledge and experience and can assist with product selection. Our national technical service team of accredited plumbers can assist with onsite training and support.

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