Industrial and Manufacturing

Industrial and Manufacturing

Work can be a dangerous place in industrial and commercial work sites; your personal safety is Enware’s priority. In hazardous situations, knowing an Enware shower or eyewash has been designed to perform first time, every time gives you the peace of mind to get on doing the best job you can. Our safety systems are designed to be compliant, durable, reliable and perform well over time… providing ‘Whole of Life Cost’ benefits.

Key benefits

Personal safety first and foremost

Protecting and minimising harm is at the heart of our solution. Providing reliable equipment, whether emergency eye wash equipment with Vertech Technology or high quality spill containment solutions.

Emergency Shower and Eye Wash Equipment

Proven performance and reliability with access to spare parts and support.

Standards Compliance

Emergency showers and eye wash equipment independently certified to AS4775 and ANSI Z358.1 helping you reduce risk. Our experience can assist with meeting related OHS, industry and environmental requirements.

Choose quality

Made from high quality materials for durability and proven performance when needed most.

Spill Solutions

Protecting workplaces from hazardous chemical & bio-hazard spills with multi-purpose kits designed for locations with various risks of spills including general slip and fall hazards, such as oils, chemicals, detergents or body fluids.

Service and Support

We pride ourselves on our knowledge and experience and can assist with initial site assessments to performance and maintenance checks. Our national technical service team of accredited plumbers can assist with installation or onsite training

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